Best and effective way to protect yourself with summer -
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Best and effective way to protect yourself with summer

A year has 12 month and from 12 months there are 7 months summers and 5 months winter. Mostly individuals fall ill in summer due to improper diet and lack of nutrition in their diet and sunstroke.

So you must protect yourself from sunstroke. By following some simple home remedies. Here you can get best and effective some remedies which any individual can follow to protect themselves in summer from sunstroke.

There are some symptoms which every individual face in summer after too sweating. There are numbers of problems you can face if you sweat more. In summer people usually sweat more and if you sweat more it may leads to be more harmful for your health. Here we will discuss some tips which every individual can follow to protect them self in summer.

  • Lose Cotton clothes: – Wear cotton cloths and try to wear lose cloth. This helps you to feel light in sweating and in sunstroke you sweat more or feel hot then this will helps you to relax your body. 
  • Exercise: – Do not do any kind of exercise like: – running, jogging, or any other exercise in high temperature days. Try to stay in cold area or in normal temperature in these days because if you sweat more you will feel tired soon.
  •  Protect yourself from sun:- you must carry something to protect yourself from sun such as:- umbrella, stole, hat, Sunglasses, scarf’s etc. this can helps you from direct raise from sun, sunstroke, as well as from dust in air also.
  •   Drink liquids: – you must try to increase the quantity of liquid like: – water, juice, soft drinks etc. and in sweating you must drink more sugar and salty containing drinks. This can helps you to recover your energy which you have loose by sweating. 
  • Seasonal fruit: – Eat more and more fruits which contain more sugar and salt particles and help you to increase your energy. It helps you to feel heat and protect you from sunstroke without any outer protection.
  • Relax you body:– if some time you can’t able to relax your bogy from heat then you must go near any window for fresh air or on Fan or AC. This can helps you to recover your body temperature.
  • Avoid hard drinks:-  do not drink any hard drink, it leads to increase the temperature in your body and in summer you will feel too hot.  
  • Tight and fit clothes:– Avoid to wear the fit and tight clothes and full slews clothes. Try to relax your body. If you wear tight fit and heavy cloths you will sweat more in summer and you will feel quite uncomfortable.
  • Bath twice:– You must take twice bath in summer as after so seating you must feel so tried and sweaty so after taking bath you must feel quite energy full and fresh.
  • Light diet: – usually in summer people never feel hunger. So you must take care about to take regular food diet.
  • Avoid dark color clothes:-  You must never wear dark color clothes like:- Black, dark blue, grey, dark brown etc it makes you feel more hot in summer.
  • Avoid mango:– as mango is the seasonal fruit in summer if helps to clear the skin, eyes and also helps you to reduce the cholesterol . But you should take it in limited quantity because after eating too much mangos, it increases the heat in your body. And after increase heat inside the body may leads you BP problem or pimple, prickly heat. 

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