How to overcome from hair fall problem in summer -
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How to overcome from hair fall problem in summer

People sweat more in summer and by wearing loose clothes, drinking more water, juice and eating seasonal fruits and seating under fan and AC we can easily relax our body but we never ever focus on the sweat on our hairs which near dry after seating under fan or CA. it took time to dry but the sweat which we never focus it can cause a serious problem for us. Such as: – dandruff, hair fall, or many other problems which usually every individual face in summer related to hair.

Nature way to control hair fall problem in short time period:-

  • Dry hair: – Try to keep your hair dry by clutching loose you hair.  As hair also need to breath and need fresh air to pass and if you clutch your hair tight then sweat will not dry and if sweat won’t dry then it can cause numbers of problems related to hair. More over after washing hair you must them properly. As wet hair will break too easy and if you wants strong hear then you must take care about this.
  • Keep clean Hair: – Keep your hair clean. Wash minimum twice in a week and maximum thrice in week. This protects your hairs from fall.
  •  Softly massage your hair: – you must do softly massages to your hair with warm coconut oil at least once in week. This gives the energy to your hair.
  • Take proper diet: – Everything has its more than 60% on its food and other 40% on its extra care. If you take proper diet of nutrient, iron, zinc, biotin, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin D, and omega-3s and omega-6s etc. Eat more and more fresh, healthy and seasonal fruits.
  • Aloe Vera: – it contains numbers of healthy particles, which helps to recover any kind of hair damage and also helps to grow hair as well as it helps to strong your hair and also remove dandruff.
  • Deep conditioning: – There are many ingredients that help you to reduce hair fall, dandruff and give strength to your hair with shining.
  •   Never heat your hair: – Avoid heating your hair. It gives good look only once but latter it will damage your hair from inside. You can use other protective styles of hair that keeps your hair healthy as well as strong.
  • Air dry: – You can use air dry to dry your hair properly and it helps you to increase the thickness of your hair. As sweat makes hair weak and due to this reason people face the problem of hair fall.
  • Avoid color on your hair: – instant of coloring your hair you must use some natural products which give the natural color to your hair for long life.
  • Keep separate your come: – keep your hair come separate from others. As every individual have different type of hair problem and by using common cob the problem can transfers to other also.
  • Take medical help: – You can follow medical treatment by concerning any hair doctor. They can help you by giving proper medicine and doing your hair proper treatment.

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