Natural tips to make your liver healthy -
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Natural tips to make your liver healthy

Today I will tell you some natural tips to make strong your liver. If you regular eat these things your liver will never fails. As we all know to have a fit and fine health we should have strong liver. Liver is the one of the essential organ in our body. If we have healthy liver we can save our self from:- dehydration, loose motion, and swelling etc.

Liver help to regulate the blood sugar and also increase your stamina. It never makes you feel tired as well as liver plays an effective role in generate the protein more over it store the vitamin, mineral and carbohydrate.

If you want to make strong and healthy to your liver you must eat such fruits on regular basis. As well know liver and heart is the one of the most important and sensitive organs in human body and to have a healthy health any individual have these both organs strong and healthy. To live a healthy life, it is essential to have the healthy liver. As it control the numbers of essential flows in body. Liver helps to digest food and also generate the energy from food. Besides all this it also helps to increases the efficiency of immunity. it also control the flow of blood. Liver is the one of the important organ to live. Without liver not one can survive for long. Trust me to keep your liver strong and healthy is very easy.

By following these some simple tips you can make your liver healthy and strong. By adding a simple food item in your food item you can make your health fit and fine.

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  • Lemon:- lemon plays an essential role in clearing the liver. Lemon increases the efficiency of liver. Lemon contains vitamin c, which helps liver to digest food in better. For this you can drink lemon water by mixing honey as a sugar in it. It give you benefit as well as it is too taste also.
  • Green vegetables:- By taking more and more green vegetables in your diet you can recover your liver in short time period. As green vegetables contains fravin oil and carotene oil like hydro nutrients found.  These helps to set the stomach and increase the digestive efficiency and also protect from diseases like cancer and green leafs vegetables contains sulfur which remove the toxic particles.
  • Custody:- custody(halldi) is an effective element to keep liver healthy. It helps to set the digestive system and increase its working efficiency. Custody helps liver to detoxify the liver. More over it is antibiotic. For this you can use custody by taking ¼ tea spoon of custody and blowing it in water. Drink custody water for few weeks you will found your liver better and by adding custody in your vegetable you can use.
  • Sprouted paddy seed:- By eating Sprouted paddy seed body get energy. Sprouted paddy seed contains more protein and enzyme.
  • Alive oil:- alive oil is an effective oil to circulate the flow of blood in liver.  You can use it by taking one tea spoon in hot milk, vegetables etc.
  • Garlic:-  it contains the allicin and selenium which increase the efficiency of those element which helps the liver to work more better and it also help to clean the liver and also protect liver from any damage.

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