Simple rules to stay happy in any condition and overcome from past -
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Simple rules to stay happy in any condition and overcome from past

Today I will tell you some golden rules to stay happy. If you follow these rules then for sure you will never feel apologize or sad in your life. From today’s world there are very few people who are happy and positive in their life.

  • Accept your past:-first of all you must need to accept your past. I know it can be very difficult for you but it must not be impossible for you. Think it once and then move on from it by accepting it. No can control any others action, but you can control your actions and movements. It will take time but you can overcome with your past by accepting it.
  • Accept your present: – Past give the effect on present so you after accepting the past you must need to accept your present. As we all know life is very difficult exam and numbers of fails due to they can’t accept their past and future. So accept the change and try to move on happily.
  • Believe in your action: – Believe in yourself, never think about people what they think about you. Think what you do for yourself. Its human nature, what they found more from them they try to remove them by making them feel down. So believe in yourself and your actions. Try to never harm anyone by mistake also.
  • Don’t take stress for future: – what’s to happen it will happen. So believe in yourself and your actions. If any of your action never harms any one then your action is correct and if from any of your action you get benefit and other got detriment.
  • Don’t think about people:-  Never think about people what people think about you or your work.
  • Believe on time:-Give time to things. Time will set everything. Some time we try to get well everything but we don’t get things well, at that time we should give time to things. Time recover everything.
  • Believe on you:-Action speaks louder then voice. So believe on your action and your destiny. Complete your action by never fall out. Try until you get your goal. As the last key of the bunch opens the lock. So till the end of your life.
  • Don’t compare your life with others: – Never compare yourself with any one because every individual have special talent and every individual is expert in anything so never feel you less than others. Analytics yourself and find a thing better in you and take long in your life.
  • Stop over thinking: – Thinking though mush is a human nature. But over thinking is not the solution of anything. Over thinking can only bring problems for you. so avoid over thinking.
  •  Always Smile:-Smile is a magic. As after smile we get the solution of any problem.

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